Types Of Best Corgi Dog Food Brands

Do you know corgi? Are you aware that it is a hybrid canine breed? This exquisite breed is considered as the palace buddies of Queen Elizabeth II. Frankly, there is quite a lot with regard to this small herding dog, and among them is its two distinct breed. You might find it surprising to know that there are basically two distinct Corgi breeds – Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Both breeds were considered as a single one till 1930.


If you check both these breeds, you can see that there is a great difference between them. Cardigans are huge, have a long tail and round ears, while the Pembroke is tiny with a natural and short bobbed tail and also they have pointed ears. In addition, their face got a foxier appearance compared to the Cardigan’s face. If you check the historical background of the Corgis breed, you can see that both have different origins.


The Pembroke breed is one of the early crosses of Swedish Valhund, which was one of the tiniest herding dog breed kept by Viking invaders. Whereas the Cardigan was used for herding cattle in Wales during the twelfth century. Unlike other breeds, Corgis are energetic, playful and bold; even like most of the herding canines, they will nip rounding up on kids and other pets.



What Kind Of Nutrient Is Suitable For Corgis


Keep in mind that while you are purchasing for a new dog meal for the Corgi, have a basic understanding of what kind of dog nutrition is suitable for it. As you know, dogs are carnivorous, so it means that majority of its diet must contain animal related ingredients. Compared to their arch enemy cats who are considered as obligate carnivores, dogs lack the ability to digest certain plant related products such as legumes, starchy veggies, and whole grains.


As these food stuffs contain digestible carbohydrates still there aren’t any kind of specific requirements with regard to the amount of carbohydrates that a Corgi needs. Generally, it is recommended to go for a product that provides not more than 5-6% of crude fiber. Of course, certain fibers are quite beneficial and help in easy digestion but a lot of fiber can be an issue too.

Good Dog Foods For Adult Corgi


Some of the best dog food for Corgi are –


Orijen Adult Dog


Being in the size category of small to medium-sized dogs, Corgis are somewhat lucky as they can consume a lot of food which isn’t specifically designed for tiny dogs. It is easy to select a healthy dog food for your Corgi and no doubt Orijen is one of the best ones. This brand is considered as one of the most healthy and best dog food.


What makes it a quite classical health food for dogs is the fact that it a grain-free food filled with a huge amount of protein. There is no doubt that Orijen takes pride and considers to be one of the biologically appropriate dog food, thereby meaning that it is simply based on what kind of food a dog needs to consume as a carnivorous.


Fromm Adult Gold


If you are on the lookout for a holistic dog food which makes dog active, then Fromm Adult Gold is a perfect choice. This is one of the best dog food suitable for dogs who can consume good and healthy quality grains. Containing chicken, duck, and chicken meal as the three major ingredients and the major energy providers.


Here grains consists of pearled barley, brown rice, and oatmeals, which provide healthy and required dietary fiber along with the required minerals and vitamins.


Wellness CORE Grain Free Original Formula


Another favorite and best dog food is the CORE Grain Free Original Formula. It is one of the healthiest and best dog food for Corgis as well as all the best pedigrees. The major ingredient of this dog food is turkey meal, deboned turkey and chicken meal.


Being high in proteins, this dog food contains less fat. And more importantly, it has no filler ingredients and meat-by-product. Besides these ingredients, it contains chondroitin and glucosamine which provides healthy joints and the omega fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics provide the required energy that makes it quite active and energetic.


Wrapping Up


It is quite tricky to shop for a good dog food and most dog owners haven’t realized it. Choosing a high-quality dog food for a breed like Corgi is easy as long as you are aware of what kind of minerals and vitamins it needs to remain healthy and live a long life.