K9 Advantix® Flea & Tick Products: Protect Dogs & Cats from Fleas and Ticks

Bayer Animal Health has made the former prescription-only flea and tick products available at specialty retailers and pet specialty Internet sites. For Advantage® and Advantix® products, PetSmart is offering a coupon with a savings of $5 and free shipping until April 26. To order, visit their website (and sign up for e-mail specials).

Bayer is Offering a $20 Rebate

Bayer has also launched a national multi-million dollar rebate program. With the blue economy, pet owners are putting veterinary visits on the back burner. With Bayer’s rebate program, “March Back In” pet owners qualify for the $20 rebate. Just purchase any Advantage® Family flea and tick treatment from a licensed veterinarian during the month of March and return to the same veterinary clinic for any preventive treatment before December 31.

Flea & Tick Season is Here

With flea and tick season here, dogs and cats, as well as their owners benefit from using preventative products. Fleas and ticks begin to flourish in the spring and thrive throughout the summer and into the autumn. In Mid-Atlantic States, the flea and tick population actually becomes worse in September and October. Fleas thrive in humidity and once they make your home, their home, it can be a nightmare.

With a warm spring, ticks, which generally begin to appear in the summer, will appear as early as March (in the Mid-Atlantic States). Pet owners should be prepared with products to prevent potential health risks associated with tick bites.

Mid-Atlantic States are Densely Populated Tick Areas

For dog owners who live in densely populated tick areas, it is beneficial to protect dogs with a Lyme disease vaccination. There are several vaccinations available at veterinary clinics. Vaccinations are not 100% effective, but for people who live between Massachusetts and Virginia where the tick population is the highest in the country, it is an additional preventative measure. Some veterinarians have criticized the Lyme vaccines for its ineffectiveness, so it is best to ask your trusted pet care giver for advice.

Remember, tick control is the most important step to prevent Lyme disease in a pet. Not only do ticks carry Lyme disease, but they carry other diseases as well. During peak tick season, avoid heavily wooded areas, and always, inspect for ticks after a dog walk.

Lyme disease vaccinations are not available for cats.