I Need to Rehome My Dog

Avoid classified advertising if possible. It is more beneficial to approach a local rescue centre as they may be able to advertise your dog on their website. Many rescues are more than happy to do this whilst the dog is still living with you. They want to see pets rehomed with as little stress as possible for both the dog and owner.

If your dog is pedigreed, a breed rescue may already have the right home available. It’s worth getting in touch.

You may still feel that it is worth placing a classified advert either on the internet or publication. If you do this, then make it a detailed one. Stress that the dog is neutered and that any potential home will be checked. Stating this should ensure that people do not consider your dog a breeding opportunity.

If your dog is not neutered or spayed and it’s possible to do so before rehoming, this would be advisable.

Assess the Home.

Assess people on initial contact carefully. Establish their commitment. Is this a well suited home for the dog? Find out why they are interested in your dog. Ensure that they intend to be responsible for a dog for the rest of its life.

Determine that the entire household would be prepared to meet the dog before a rehoming decision is made. This meeting should include any other dogs involved.

A home check is advisable. All good rescue centres carry out a home visit before committing and adopting a dog into any household. Doing this should ensure that the dog will be going to a safe and dedicated environment. Checking the home will give you a feel for the home and family. Find out where the dog will be sleeping. Ensure that there are adequate outside toileting areas for the dog. Meet any other pets in the home.

If you are not comfortable doing a home check your local rescue centre may be able to help. They often have dedicated volunteers who know exactly what to look for in a home offer.

Value your dog.

Ask for a donation initially. It will place a value on your dog. If you don’t want the money, you can ask for it to be donated to a charity. If, on meeting the new owners and being sure they are dedicated, you prefer to revoke to donation request then that’s fine. Asking for a sum of money is a good way to ensure the sincerity of a home offer.

Involve an adoption agreement.

Finally draw up an adoption agreement. This will acknowledge the arrangement. A contract of adoption signed and witnessed.

By following these guidelines you will be minimising the risk of your dog going to an unsuitable place and doing your very best to ensure that it will not be in the same situation in the future.